Lonny Moses

Habonim Dror North America

Lonny Moses grew up in Philadelphia and attended Habonim Dror Camp Galil, spending his Gap Year in Israel with Habonim Dror's 55th Workshop. Since then, he's worked in a variety of Jewish educational settings. In 2008, Lonny became the coordinator of DC area Habonim. He now works in NYC, on Habonim's national leadership team, focusing on programing and educational content.

Living on the Edge: The Wild Side of 21st Century Jewish Life (For Teens Only)

Janelle Eagle, Jessie Mallor, Lonny Moses, Rori Picker Neiss

In the 21st century, what does it mean to challenge the status quo of Jewish life? This session, for Teens@LimmudLA participants only, will highlight the personal Jewish narratives and passions of Jews occupied with pushing the boundaries of Jewish life, practice, and community, and will encourage teens how to make a difference innovating and renewing Judaism.

Occupy Judaism

As a Socialist-Zionist living in New York, I have been intimately involved in both the Tent Protests in Israel and the Occupy Wall Street movement. I helped organize a solidarity protest in New York, and attended Kol Nidre and helped construct a Sukkah in Zucotti Park. Using multimedia -- including videos, posters and text -- we will explore the differences and similarities between the Israeli and American protest movements, as we seek to clarify how they relate to Jewish discourse.

Beginners Rikudei Am

Rikudei Am are folk dances or "dances of the people." Created in the first half of the 20th century, Rikudei Am were a new way to renew Jewish culture. Since Rikudei Am were first developed, choreographers in Israel and around the world have continued to adapt new Israeli music for these dances to greater and greater degrees of complexity. We'll go over the basic steps of Israeli dancing and learn 2-3 simple circle dances. Intended for people with no background in Israeli Dance.