Zack Lodmer

Zack Lodmer is a lawyer, yoga instructor, and musician from Los Angeles. As the founder and leader of Om Shalom Yoga, Zack weaves breath awareness, strong sequencing, and humor with Jewish melodies and philosophies. Zack urges students to find their own joy, strength, and equanimity in each pose so that these essential human qualities extend well beyond the mat and into everyday life.

Om Shalom Yoga - Shabbat Flow

Celebrate Shabbat through the moving meditation of a Vinyasa flow yoga class. This prayer in motion, linking movement and breath, gives participants an exalting physical, mental, and spiritual way to deepen their experience. Working traditional versions of Jewish prayers into modern, electronica arrangements created and recorded for this flow, Om Shalom Yoga creates the moving, rhythmic space and a unique spiritual opportunity to share life as G-d the present moment. Thanks to NEI and The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles for their support in making this session possible at this LimmudLA conference. (NOTE: This session will have recorded music.)

Late Night Music Festival

Join host Zack Lodmer and the LimmudLA House Band in an exciting, unpredictable, and festive late night adventure into the realm of performance art and music. This avant garde experience will include an open mic, Karaoke, spoken word, and unexpected musical and artistic ventures. Who knows who will be there? Will you be there for this one-of-a-kind LimmudLA experience?

Insert Your Topic Here...

Joshua Avedon, David Cygielman, Zack Lodmer

LimmudLA puts you in the driver's seat in this session sponsored by Jumpstart. We all know that sometimes the best conversations at conference happen spontaneously in hallways or at the bar, so we're giving you the chance to bring your best ideas to a session with no panels, predetermined topics, or agendas. Using "Open Space Technology," participants gather to create a marketplace of ideas -- each of which gets a chance to find an audience. Come with your ideas, openness, and curiosity -- you never know what might unfold.