Michael Feinman


Michael Feinman is the medical director of HRC-Fertility in Encino. He is a graduate of UCLA and did his residency in New York and Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, and his fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Penn. Dr. Feinman performed one of the first ultrasound guided egg retrievals and established one of the first egg donor programs at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Advances in Genetic Screening and Prevention

The list of genetic diseases most common in Ashkenazi Jews is growing. The traditional panel to test for these diseases is expensive and, in the past, the only alternative to carrying a child with one of these severe conditions was terminating the pregnancy. It is now possible to affordably screen for these diseases and test embryos before implantation to prevent these tragedies. This session discusses the problem and possible solutions.

Reproductive Medicine and Jewish Law

Michael Feinman, Jason Weiner

Despite its ancient origins and strict rules, Jewish Law has been able to accommodate most recent advances in assisted reproduction to allow observant couples to use this technology within the boundaries of halacha. Join us for a discussion on the medical and halachic issues of assisted reproduction.