Shari Rosenman

Shari Rosenman has been presenting Challah Baking since Limmud first came to Los Angeles and enjoys bringing a little bit of love and warmth into conference attendees' shabbat experience. When she's not baking challah for large shabbat meals, she homeschools her son and helps run LA Jewish Homeschoolers.

Challah Baking, with Challah for Hunger

Shari Rosenman, Eli Winkelman

Come learn how to bake a challah before Shabbat begins. Learn the basics or get some tips to add to your baking repertoire. Bring a fresh-baked challah to the Shabbat table on the first night of Conference and share it with new and old friends. This year, bake Challah for a chance to give back through Challah for Hunger. Challah for Hunger chapters bring people together on a regular basis to bake and sell challah bread, to raise money and awareness for social justice issues. The kids will sell challah before Shabbat, and will educate and engage people in advocacy. Half of the profits from our selling challah to other participants will go to AJWS with the other half of the profits supporting LimmudLA. This activity is suitable for all ages. Children are especially encouraged to attend as long as those younger than 8 bring a parent to help supervise.