Sarah Bassin

NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change

Sarah Bassin serves as the executive director of NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change. Ordained by Hebrew Union College in 2011, Sarah also received a certificate in Jewish Nonprofit Management. In pursuit of better understanding Muslim-Jewish relations, Sarah participated in the West Bank-based Encounter program in 2007 and traveled to Iran in 2008.

Inclusion Program: Welcome

Sarah Bassin, Asher Gellis

Participants in the LimmudLA Inclusion program will discuss definitions of inclusion and equip ourselves with questions and tools for the weekend.

Inclusion Program: Personal Narratives in the Jewish Community

Sarah Bassin, Asher Gellis

The LimmudLA Inclusion participants will share personal stories about experiences of inclusion and exclusion in the Jewish community. In identifying points of strength and weakness, we will also generate ideas for how to make inclusion central to the Jewish communal experience.

Can We Talk? The Israeli/Palestinian Dilemma

Sarah Bassin, Ruth Broyde Sharone

The Middle East is such a "hot button" topic that a discussion of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is frequently and studiously avoided. We Jews value our ability to examine a text from a variety of viewpoints, yet our community is experiencing a genuine internal struggle as we try to navigate the complexity and emotion around the current conflict. It's time for a fresh approach to this dilemma using proven guidelines for effective dialogue and learning to practice the art of active listening. This workshop will be facilitated by two women who have considerable experience and talents in the field of peacemaking and consensus building.

Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: Muslim-Jewish Relations

Muslim-Jewish relations in the United States have experienced highs and lows. To understand how to move beyond episodic ups and downs to attain a consistent and productive partnership, we first need to understand the cycle of breakdowns and breakthroughs. Together we will identify key events in the interfaith relationship in LA and examine how the two communities experienced them. Join the lively discussion about the challenges and opportunities for Muslim-Jewish relations in LA and beyond.