Alisha Pedowitz

Brawerman Elementary School East

Alisha Pedowitz is an experiential Jewish educator whose work revolves around building and fostering community, and utilizing community as a primary means to shape Jewish identity and inspire Jewish learning. Alisha has worked at Camp Alonim, New Community Jewish High School, and Milken Community High School, and currently works at Brawerman Elementary School East of Wilshire Boulevard Temple.

YAD: Welcome and Your Leadership Narrative

Yechiel Hoffman, Alisha Pedowitz, Eli Winkelman

Meet the other YADs and develop your Leadership Narratives with Alisha Pedowitz, YAD volunteer coordinator, and Eli Winkelman of Challah for Hunger. What, you don't know what a Leadership Narrative is? After this welcome session you will know yours and many of your colleague's as well.

YAD: Models of Jewish Leadership

Jason Ablin, Sara Brandes, Mike Comins, Alisha Pedowitz, Rori Picker Neiss

How's it going so far? What has challenged you and resonated with you about your LimmudLA Conference experience? In this session, we will learn from four top "Jewish leaders" participating in Conference, as they share their definitions and models of Jewish leadership. Every YAD will get the chance to study a model of leadership with one of the Jewish leaders. It can be the model that you agree with, the one that you want to learn more about, or the one you DISAGREE with and want to engage in dialogue with.

Embracing Wholiness: Exploring a Whole Self-Image

How do we empower youth to create communities that promote a whole, healthy self image? Why is a communal approach necessary to addressing issues of body image, self image and insecurity? How does Judaism offer a unique approach for doing so? For youth educators or anyone interested in these questions, we will explore a uniquely Jewish and communally-based approach to addressing these issues and creating a community that promotes a whole, healthy self-image.

YAD: Leading in the 21st Century

Yechiel Hoffman, Alisha Pedowitz, Eli Winkelman

What models of leadership can we utilize for ourselves and our endeavors in the 21st century Jewish world. Eli presents a model of distributed leadership and shares how it plays out at Challah for Hunger. Yechiel talks about LimmudLA, its values, and how distributed leadership is essential to its model. What is your role in distributing leadership?