Sara Brandes

Moving Traditions

Sara M. Brandes currently serves as the West and Southwest Regional Director at Moving Traditions. As a Rabbi and a certified yoga instructor, Sara believes that Jewish tradition has the potential to enrich every aspect of our humanness, and views the body, and our gendered identities, as valuable portals for meaning. Her passions include mikvah, Torah, teens, and spirituality.

Back to the "Jewish" Future (For Teens Only)

Sara Brandes, David Cygielman, Jessie Mallor, Russel Neiss

No crystal ball, bag of bones or Mayan prophecies at this session! Open only for our Teens@LimmudLA participants. The future of Judaism and Jewish life can only be told by the visionaries, trendsetters and innovators working in the here and now. Get one on one with some of greatest thinkers and doers at LimmudLA as they share their vision in a conversation with you.

YAD: Models of Jewish Leadership

Jason Ablin, Sara Brandes, Mike Comins, Alisha Pedowitz, Rori Picker Neiss

How's it going so far? What has challenged you and resonated with you about your LimmudLA Conference experience? In this session, we will learn from four top "Jewish leaders" participating in Conference, as they share their definitions and models of Jewish leadership. Every YAD will get the chance to study a model of leadership with one of the Jewish leaders. It can be the model that you agree with, the one that you want to learn more about, or the one you DISAGREE with and want to engage in dialogue with.

Sexuality and Power in Teen Culture (and What the Jewish Community Is Doing about it)

Come scratch below the surface of mainstream media. Together, we will overcome troubling messages about sex and power by using Jewish text and values to respond. We will share curricular samples from Moving Traditions' ground-breaking programs, Rosh Hodesh: It’s A Girl Thing and Shevet Achim:The Brotherhood, which offer teens a safe space to navigate these matters.