Mike Comins


Mike Comins is a yeshiva-trained, Israeli-ordained Reform Rabbi, Israeli desert guide, and the founder of the TorahTrek Center for Jewish Wilderness Spirituality (TorahTrek.org). He is the author of Making Prayer Real: Leading Jewish Spiritual Voices on Why Prayer is Difficult and What to Do about It (MakingPrayerReal.com) and A Wild Faith: Jewish Ways into Wilderness, Wilderness Ways into Judaism.

Finding God in Nature

This session is for those who feel most spiritual in the most physical of places: the natural world. Many Jews think of the "spiritual" as ethereal and non-material, and consciously or unconsciously associate nature with paganism. After sharing our own experiences, we'll explore Judaism and the natural world with A.J. Heschel, Martin Buber, biblical scholars, and the Kabbalah. Our contention: for a people born in the Sinai wilderness, finding God in nature is as Jewish as matzah ball soup.

YAD: Models of Jewish Leadership

Jason Ablin, Sara Brandes, Mike Comins, Alisha Pedowitz, Rori Picker Neiss

How's it going so far? What has challenged you and resonated with you about your LimmudLA Conference experience? In this session, we will learn from four top "Jewish leaders" participating in Conference, as they share their definitions and models of Jewish leadership. Every YAD will get the chance to study a model of leadership with one of the Jewish leaders. It can be the model that you agree with, the one that you want to learn more about, or the one you DISAGREE with and want to engage in dialogue with.