Jessie Mallor

Jessie Mallor is a native Hoosier and a recent transplant to Los Angeles. She is a graduate of Brandeis University, Indiana University, and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. As a full-time Jewish Studies teacher at Milken Community High School, she aims to create value-driven, transformative experiences on a daily basis for all her students.

Living on the Edge: The Wild Side of 21st Century Jewish Life (For Teens Only)

Janelle Eagle, Jessie Mallor, Lonny Moses, Rori Picker Neiss

In the 21st century, what does it mean to challenge the status quo of Jewish life? This session, for Teens@LimmudLA participants only, will highlight the personal Jewish narratives and passions of Jews occupied with pushing the boundaries of Jewish life, practice, and community, and will encourage teens how to make a difference innovating and renewing Judaism.

Back to the "Jewish" Future (For Teens Only)

Sara Brandes, David Cygielman, Jessie Mallor, Russel Neiss

No crystal ball, bag of bones or Mayan prophecies at this session! Open only for our Teens@LimmudLA participants. The future of Judaism and Jewish life can only be told by the visionaries, trendsetters and innovators working in the here and now. Get one on one with some of greatest thinkers and doers at LimmudLA as they share their vision in a conversation with you.

Finders Keepers? The Mishnah and the Lottery Ticket

As kids, we all learn "finders keepers"! But is that really the case? In this workshop, participants will study a short section of Jewish law that focuses on the return of lost property, and will then take the learning to a new level as we engage in a case study of a real-life court case centering around a public trashcan, a stack of lottery tickets, and a million dollars. Whatever your learning background, you are happily invited to take part in this innovative, experiential workshop.