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Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM

Create a 'Mishnah' for the New Jerusalem Talmud

Matthew Mausner

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Laguna Beach 1

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought

The New Jerusalem Talmud is a set of websites devoted to multi-dimensional presentation and commenting on the world’s biggest controversies. Work together to discuss, record, and create a new 'Mishnah' (topic) and 'gemara' (framing discussion) for a New Jerusalem Talmud 'Daf'. At the end of the session, the discussion will be added to the New Jerusalem Talmud website.

Express Your Judaism Through Watercolor Painting

Jodie Mendelson

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Fountain Terrace

Arts and Performance, OK for Teens

This session will enhance the participant's ability to express their Judaism through watercolor painting. Using renowned artist Marc Chagall's works as inspiration, we will create our own modern visions of Judaism. This hands-on session is intended for adults and will be limited to 20 people.

FILM: Withdrawal from Gaza

Kenny Kaufman

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Huntington Beach 1 & 2

Arts and Performance, Israel

In the summer of 2005, Israeli citizens from 21 settlements in the Gaza Strip and 4 in the West Bank were forced from their lands in an attempt to secure peace with the Palestinians. Jews were uprooted from their homes by fellow Jews in an emotionally charged political event broadcast throughout the world. "Withdrawal from Gaza" documents the lengths to which the Jewish people would go to enable peace, the risks they were willing to take, and the heartbreaking price they were ultimately required to pay. (70 minutes)

Freedom, Individuality and the Common Good

Simon Jacobson

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Emerald Bay 1

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought, OK for Teens

The first millennium was marked by a focus on the collective, with little attention paid to the individual. In the second millennium – coined by some as the "me millennium" – individuality came racing to the fore with a vengeance. How to we reconcile individual needs and the collective good in today's age of prosperity and technology? This session will explore the different approaches to the role played by government and laws that regulate the private and public sectors, and shed light a new way that Judaism offers us to bridge the individual and the community.

How to Teach Torah

Aaron Alexander, Scott Perlo

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Newport Beach 2

Text and Thought

Torah is our inheritance. It belongs to every single Jew, regardless of his or her practice or education. For many of us, though, Jewish texts, thoughts, and wisdom seem alienating and a distant prospect. Ma'or, a new beit midrash in Los Angeles, has worked to overcome these boundaries and to bring sophisticated texts to students of all backgrounds. Learn about Ma'or's innovative model for bringing old treasures to a new audience.

The Jewish Vision Quest

Zelig Golden

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Balboa Bay 1

Identity and Responsibility, OK for Teens

Judaism is an ancient earth-based tradition. Solo journeys in the desert are at the core. Our ancestors received much of their wisdom and inspiration while alone directly connected to the Source. There, in solitude, we can heal our ancestral lineage and recover our ancient wildness. Join the Founding Co-Director of Wilderness Torah in an exploration of the role of the vision quest in our ancient past and how we are bringing the tradition back!

Off the Beaten Path: Jewish Life Between the Coasts

Lior Kaminetsky

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Laguna Beach 2

Arts and Performance, Identity and Responsibility

Sponsored by Israeli-based Soul Train, Lior Kaminetsky and a camera crew led by photojournalist Joe Shalmoni documented previously untold stories of small American Jewish communities in Montana, Idaho, West Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois communities, each with its own unique and fascinating story. Join us for a unique look at these communities, where every stop along the way brings new adventures, happiness, sadness, and a rich past.

Tikkun Habayit: Greening Your Living Space

Dav Camras

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Laguna Beach 3

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought

Did you know buildings in California account for 23% of greenhouse gas emissions? This session will explore Tikkun Olam from the homeowner’s perspective, examining some classical texts on environmental Jewish ethics while enumerating various practical techniques on how you can lessen your carbon footprint, save energy and even save money. And, with "Energy Upgrade California" beginning, homeowners can receive up to $4500 in rebates from SC Edison/SC Gas and LA County for these improvements.

What To Do When Your Get-Up-And-Go Gets Up And Goes

David Levin-Kruss

Sunday 6:00 PM–7:10 PM Emerald Bay 3

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought, OK for Teens

Creating a better world is tiring and we all lose our energy and enthusiasm for our activities for longer or shorter periods of time. Explore a passage from the Talmud you can look to when you need a boost of inspiration.