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Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM

FILM: Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust

Saturday 8:40 PM–10:20 PM Huntington Beach 1 & 2

Arts and Performance

This provocative film about the mostly unknown story of the 60-year relationship between Hollywood and the atrocities of Nazi Germany features excerpts from movies and newsreels, revelations by survivors and witnesses to the events portrayed, and interviews with leading filmmakers and scholars. The film explores not only the question of how an industry that sells fantasy has dealt with one of the most horrifying episodes in modern world history, but also how the movies themselves reflect America's ever-evolving relationship to the events of that time. (90 minutes) NOTE: This film runs into the next session.

Join the New Jerusalem Talmud Discussion

Matthew Mausner

Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM Laguna Beach 1

Text and Thought

The New Jerusalem Talmud is a set of websites devoted to multi-dimensional presentation and commenting on the world’s biggest controversies. Learn about the project, the relevance of the traditional Jewish learning methodology to understanding modern controversies, and see how you can add your own "Rashi"-style comment to the discussions.

Making Sense of the Auschwitz Site Today: Realities and Representations

Jonathan Webber

Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM Laguna Beach 2

Global History and Culture

This session will take an in-depth look at the relationship between the Holocaust as a historical event and what's been left behind and can still be seen at the actual site of Auschwitz.

A Male Shall Not Lie With A Male... Why Not?

Richard Levik

Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM Newport Beach 3

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought

Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13 have been traditionally understood to condemn homosexuality. In this session, we will form small groups and re-examine these two Torah laws. In groups and together, we'll answer questions, share our beliefs, thoughts, and determinations.

NuMa: What Kind of Jewish Community Do You Want to Live In?

Joshua Avedon, Shawn Landres, Kevin Sefton

Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM Laguna Beach 3

Identity and Responsibility

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single ... LimmudLA workshop? This session is an opportunity to explore ideas and passions about the shape of *your* Jewish future. Who knows? What happens in this very room could change the world.

Nurit Hirsh in Concert

Nurit Hirsh

Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM Pacific Foyer

Arts and Performance

Experience a one-of-a-kind concert performance by singer/artist Nurit Hirsh, composer of the popular Israeli tunes "Bashana Haba'ah," "Osse Shalom," and, of course, "Abanibi."

Relationships: How They Work, Why They Don't

Shlomo Schwartz

Saturday 8:40 PM–9:50 PM Newport Beach 2

Identity and Responsibility

With nearly 1 out of every 2 couples divorcing, we are confronted by a crisis in how to build healthy relationships. Share in the insight and wisdom from a rabbi on the frontlines of this crisis, and learn from his experiences of 40+ years in marriage and relationship counseling.