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Lauren Mateen

Lauren Mateen is a Senior at Milken Community High School. Aside from being a student, Lauren plays the piano, creates art, and competes on the school's soccer team. Through her academic studies of both science and religion, Lauren has become personally driven to explore the moral implications of ancient religion in relation to the modern world.

Morality Without God

Lauren Mateen, Rachel Sapire

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought, OK for Teens

It is generally understood that questions of morality are questions about which science officially has no opinion. Many argue that goodness would not exist without the Bible, and that God is our sole source for moral understanding. However, the idea that God’s approval is the driving factor to be good seems far from moral and, because values are factual claims about the well-being of conscious creatures, we will explore the idea that science can be an authority on moral issues.