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Saturday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM

Ancient Times

Mel Konner

Saturday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Laguna Beach 3

Global History and Culture, Text and Thought

As a wise archeologist once said, "Just because it is written in the Bible doesn't necessarily mean that it is wrong." This session reviews some of what we know from scientific, archeological and historical evidence about the origins of the Jews and the period covered by the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible) and the Talmud. We'll look at archeological evidence dating back to the Jews of Babylon, the Second Temple period, the Jews of Alexandria, Rome, and other diaspora communities before the common era.

FILM: When Do We Eat?

Salvador Litvak

Saturday 10:15 PM–Sunday 1:00 AM Huntington Beach 1 & 2

Arts and Performance, Teen Approved

A seder gets screwy, and ultimately transformative, after the patriarch unknowingly ingests a hit of Ecstasy. Followed by Q&A with writer-director Sal Litvak.

Israel in the Movies

Stuart Schoffman

Saturday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Laguna Beach 1

Arts and Performance, Israel, Teen Approved

Israeli films are getting better all the time, winning awards in many countries. We will watch and discuss scenes that reflect the Israeli experience and raise challenging questions of ethics and Jewish identity. We will also discuss how Israel is portrayed in American movies.

Melava Malka With the Biala Rebbe

Yaakov Biala

Saturday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Emerald Bay 2

Ritual and Prayer

Join the Biala Rebbe for a Melava Malka and usher out the Shabbat with traditional Hassidic songs and music.

Saturday Night Comedy Festival

Gerry Katzman, Avi Liberman, Avram Mandell

Saturday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Catalina Ballroom 1

Arts and Performance

Come laugh your kishkes off with contemporary Jewish comedy. Most appropriate for teens and older.

Sex and Torah in the Modern Age

Daniel Greyber

Saturday 10:15 PM–11:30 PM Laguna Beach 2

Text and Thought, Teen Approved

Let's have a frank conversation about Judaism and sexuality in the modern world. Appropriate for parents, teens, and young adults.

What's Your Favorite Role?

Barbara Heller

Canceled, sorry

Additional schedule

  • Saturday 5:00 PM–6:15 PM Newport Beach 2

Arts and Performance, Teen Approved

Cross your favorite celebrity with your favorite scene from either Tanakh or favorite modern Jewish role. Participants will be given two different hats to pick from representing Hollywood celebrities and Jewish characters from historical times in the Tanakh through modern times. We will do character studies, improv, and create short scenes.