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Michael Melchior

Michael Melchior has served as a Knesset member for over a decade and as a minister in successive Israeli governments. He is responsible for initiating major legislative reforms in the areas of education, the environment and children's rights.

Choosing Jews: Conversion in the 21st Century

Global History and Culture, Identity and Responsibility, Teen Approved

Over the last year, the issue of conversion has rarely left the headlines both in Israel and in the UK. Michael Melchior, former Chairman of the Israeli Government's Ministerial Committee on Conversion, will provide a window into the halachic and political basis on which decisions regarding conversion have been made over the last forty years, and offer his ideas for the future.

Sustaining a Vibrant Jewish Future

Global History and Culture, Identity and Responsibility, Teen Approved

Michael Melchior, former Minister for the Diaspora, has throughout his political career struggled with the most important global Jewish question: how to define the Jewishness of the State of Israel, and what its relationship should be to the rest of the Jewish People? For over a century, we have been preoccupied with survival and security; and quite rightly so. Michael now asks: What is the purpose of the Jewish nation?

Bringing Religion Back to the Frontlines of Peace

Global History and Culture

Religion is very much on the frontline of every conflict of the 21st century. Is it possible to also bring religion to the frontline of the pursuit of peace? How can this best be achieved? For years, Michael Melchior has conducted open and secret talks with leading Muslims in Israel, the Palestinian territories and all over the Arab world. Come and find out if you share his conviction that inter-religious peace is the key to any regional political solution.

Green Jews: The New Jewish Environmental Agenda

Identity and Responsibility, Teen Approved

In the last election, Michael Melchior's Meimad party formed a historic alliance with the Green Movement, creating the first ever religiously inspired Green Party. Although defeated, 30,000 Israelis voted for the party and the movement is capturing the hearts and minds of a growing part of Israeli society. How do we create a new Jewish identity that takes into account our obligation towards the environment? What is the role of world Jewry in this process?