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Naomi Less

Naomi Less has been a songwriter, solo performer, ritual music artist and song leader in the Jewish community for 14 years. Her vibe-oriented, edgy-pop music with a message breaks gender stereotypes and typical images of women as sexual objects with passive voices. Her project, Jewish Chicks Rock, empowers girls to pick up instruments and express themselves through rock music.

Saturday Morning Services: Liberal Egalitarian

Jonathan Aaron, Naomi Less, Avram Mandell, Rachel Timoner

Ritual and Prayer

Rabbi Jonathan Aaron of Temple Emanuel, Rabbi Rachel Timoner of Leo Baeck Temple and musicians Naomi Less and Avram Mandell will collaborate on an eclectic music-accompanied Shabbat morning service.

The Innovation Ecosystem: A 21st Century Organic Jewish Community

Joshua Avedon, Yoni Gordis, Esther Kustanowitz, Naomi Less, Scott Perlo

Identity and Responsibility, Teen Approved

Over the past decade or so, the Jewish world has witnessed the emergence of a new landscape of innovative startups. These enterprises have created new entry points to Jewish life, and new ways of building Jewish community. This diverse and vibrant collective of new Jewish initiatives is evolving into an organic communal infrastructure for the Jewish community in the 21st century. This session is a tour though the diverse and vibrant ecosystem driving Jewish innovation across the globe. Meet some of the innovators and find out how their work is changing the Jewish world.

Just Breathe

Health and Healing, Ritual and Prayer

Join Jewish Chick Rocker Naomi Less for a light yoga/meditation/musical exploration through prayer -- explore prayers that deal with the body, breathing, and song.

Songwriting Circle

Arts and Performance

Naomi Less, Jewish Chick Rocker, hosts an egalitarian Songwriting Circle. This session is open to any songwriters, novice or experienced. Participants will share their work with a nurturing circle of 'rachamim' (compassion). Naomi encourages songwriters to hear their work out loud, share it with a caring human soundboard and learn from the reflective mirror the listeners provide. Take a risk in a safe environment. Please bring your song and your own instrument if you use one.

Jewish Chicks Rock: Naomi Less in Concert

Glenn Grossman, Naomi Less

Arts and Performance

Join Naomi Less in concert featuring estro-powered-rock, tribal lyrics, rhythm, faith, spritual connection, and positivity. Naomi is the definitive chick who rocks!