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Anat Hoffman

Anat Hoffman is the Executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center and served as a Jerusalem City Councilwoman for 14 years, carving out a niche for herself as a strong advocate for justice and equality. Anat was a founding member of Women of the Wall, and she served on the Boards of the Israel Women’s Network, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, and many other Israeli organizations for social change. Social justice, religious pluralism, Jewish-Arab coexistence, and equal rights for women and minorities are the focus of all of Anat’s work and projects.

Cracks in the City of Stone: An Anatomy of the Struggles for Pluralism in Modern Jerusalem

Global History and Culture, Israel, Teen Approved

Jerusalem is a harsh city to live in. It is a city in struggle, a struggle between narrow-minded Judaism and pluralistic Judaism, a battle for appropriate representation for all city inhabitants, a struggle to make it a better place for all to live in. This talk will touch on several issues that pertain to these struggles and to the contribution of IRAC to advance a pluralistic living environment in our nation's capital.

What is Tikkun Olam in Hebrew?

Global History and Culture, Identity and Responsibility

Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew term, which literally means repairing the world. Although much is being done in Israel to further social justice, the commitment to social action and justice in Israel still has a long way to go. Language is the best indicator of this: modern Hebrew still misses words that express ideas associated with this concept, not least of which is pluralism.

Arguing: A National Sport, a Genetic Disease, or the Jewish Art of Tikkun Olam?

Identity and Responsibility, Teen Approved

What was the first thing Abraham did once he became Jewish? He got into an argument with God, just like a used-car salesman. He wanted to save people. Arguing is the Jewish way to try to save the world, but one should choose his enemies, his agenda, and his strategy wisely.

Between Stones and a Hard Place

Identity and Responsibility, Ritual and Prayer, Teen Approved

Presenting the struggle of Women at the Wall, a group of Israeli women that seeks the right for Jewish women to conduct prayer services, read from a Torah scroll while wearing prayer shawls, and sing out loud at the Western Wall -- Judaism's most sacred holy site. In 2006, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled it is illegal for women to pray out loud at the Western Wall, bring a Torah scroll there, and don prayer shawls.