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Michael Feldman

Michael Feldman strives to make communication and collaboration central ideals in his career as an employment attorney and mediator. He hopes to recruit professional advisors of all stripes for an interdisciplinary network that addresses economic and job-related woes. Michael, his multi-talented wife Andrea, and their 18-month-old dream-of-a-daughter Eloise are all happy to be Limmudniks, members of B'nai David Judea, and residents of the Pico-Robertson community.

Mastering Makhloket: Seeing Past Red

Identity and Responsibility, MCLE-Eligible, Text and Thought

How can religiously diverse Jews safely debate same-sex marriage, Obama, conversion, Israel, or family drama? This hands-on workshop explores texts in the Jewish tradition of peacefully handling both personal and ideological arguments and uses a step-by-step process to reveal false assumptions and emotional truths behind our animosities. Work through your own conflicts, share ideas, or just write and listen. Then leave ready to forgive a friend, or at least the author of the last Jewish Journal opinion piece you didn’t like. All are welcome; families are especially encouraged.

Mastering Makhloket: The Great Common Ground

Identity and Responsibility, MCLE-Eligible, Text and Thought

This session features practical means of progress in modern Jewish controversies. We will test common values and solutions to problems discussed in the first session and address hot-button issues we did not yet explore. Looking at the larger picture and a bit of classic text, we will also try to identify truly universal Jewish values. Will opposing sides find a joint way forward? Are there helpful truisms with which everybody in the room will agree? Come tell us!