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Aviva Richman

Aviva Richman is an alumnus of the Yeshivat Hadar advanced fellows program, and has taught community-wide sessions for the Hadar Bet Midrash. She teaches part time at the American Jewish Universtiy, and is co-director of the Northwoods Bet Midrash Program at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. She is in the process of completing semicha (ordination) studies with a private teacher. Influences on her outlook to life and learning stretch from Orthodox Seminary to the National Havurah Institute, Oberlin College, and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Particular interests include Halacha, gender and sexuality in Judaism, singing for prayer and leisure, and hearty homemade soup.

Saturday Morning Services: Traditional Egalitarian

Scott Perlo, Aviva Richman

Ritual and Prayer

Participate in this traditional egalitarian service on Shabbat morning and welcome the day in song and Hebrew prayer. This service will have mixed gender seating and no musical instruments will be used.

The Vagina Monologues Meet the Talmud

Identity and Responsibility, Text and Thought, Teen Approved

This workshop is a textual fusion: Eve Ensler's twentieth century script "The Vagina Monologues" crashes into a page of Talmud and we're left sorting out the debris. What can these two very different genres teach each other, and together, what do they teach us about ways to understand and express sexuality?

Yiddish Women’s Prayers on Akedat Yitzhak

Identity and Responsibility, Ritual and Prayer

Until our own times, women’s voices have been virtually missing from the sea of Jewish biblical interpretation. We will discover some earlier women’s perspectives on the story of the binding of Isaac in nineteenth century Yiddish prayers (tkhines). Akedat Yitzhak is traditionally invoked to glorify sacrifice and depict God’s mercy. How did these women employ interpretive agency to transform the meaning of this troubling central text?

Niggunim of a Twersky Hassid

Arts and Performance, Ritual and Prayer

I will teach niggunim (wordless melodies) of Rabbi Menachem Goldberger, a hassid of R. Shlomo Twersky from Denver. These melodies, some joyful some meditative, enveloped my Jewish life as a youngster, and I enjoy spreading them across the Jewish world. Participants will learn by immersion and experience -- we will sink into the melodies together, rather than learning note by note. Great for people of any age who like to sing or listen!