Eve Ilsen


Eve Ilsen is a therapist, teacher, storyteller, and singer. Her work integrates spirituality with psychology, myth, body, and artistic expression. In addition to her own teaching and performing, since 1987 she has co-led seminars and liturgical events all over the world with her husband, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

HaBocher B'Shirei Zimra

Delighting in Soulful Song

Eve Ilsen, Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Ritual & Prayer

How to sing a niggun. A niggun is a melody, whose repeated singing is a form of meditation and prayer. Together, Reb Zalman and Eve will take us on a harmonic journey through Hassidic niggunim that will soothe the soul and awaken us to the power of this musical, spiritual practice.

Sunday Night Cabaret: The Heart of the Matter

Who says a Rebbitzin can't be a Cabaret Artiste?

Arts & Performance

Eve Ilsen has a new take on some of our oldest stories, and her songs touch the heart of life as we know it now.

Making it Count

Ritual & Prayer

As we approach the final stages of the ancient practice of counting the Omer, Eve will deepen our understanding of this ritual in a larger context. How can we use these 49 days to visit all the aspects of our lives with greater insight, and the power to repair? Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in. (Don't worry.)