Zelig Golden

Zelig Golden is a founding co-director of Wilderness Torah, which awakens and celebrates the earth-based traditions of Judaism. A community Maggid, vision quest guide, youth mentor, and environmental educator, he brings over a decade of visionary leadership to the Jewish environmental movement. A former member of Hazon’s Board, he co-chaired the 2008 Food Conference. Until 2010, he was an attorney for the Center for Food Safety, protecting our food from GMOs while promoting sustainable agriculture.

Cycles of the Seasons

Reconnecting our Agricultural and Spiritual Cycles to the Cycles of Nature

Zelig Golden, Simcha Schwartz, Jewish Farm School

Jewish Agriculture

The Jewish calendar is deeply tuned to the cyclescycles of nature. Join Zelig Golden of Wilderness Torah and Simcha Schwartz of Jewish Farm School to explore how the Jewish calendar is designed to synchronize our communal and spiritual lives with the cycles of rain and the food we grow.