Aaron Gross

Farm Forward

Aaron Gross is the CEO of Farm Forward and has played a leadership role in a wide variety of national and international farmed animal welfare campaigns. He serves as a Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of San Diego and co-chairs the American Academy of Religion’s Animals and Religion Consultation. Aaron founded Farm Forward in 2006 to create alternatives to factory farming. He serves on the national board of the Society for Jewish Ethics and has been an advocate for greater attention to food and animal ethics in Jewish communities for two decades, especially the improvement of kosher slaughter.

How the Factory Farm Became Kosher

The State of Animal Agriculture and New Directions From the Sustainable Kosher Meat World

Elisheva Brenner, Sue Fishkoff, Aaron Gross, Farm Forward, Naftali Hanau, Robert Joppa

Food Systems & Policy

Many folks have an idea that chickens don't live on Old McDonald's farm--but we don't even know the half of it. In this solution-oriented session Farm Forward's Aaron Gross will offer insights into how animal agriculture became synonymous with cruelty, how the new Jewish food movement is changing the kosher meat industry, and how humane, sustainable kosher meat could change the world. Three sustainable kosher meat producers will share their thoughts in response.