Adam Berman

Urban Adamah

Adam Berman is the Executive Director of Urban Adamah: The Jewish Sustainability Corps, a residential leadership-training program for Jewish young adults (fellows) that integrates Jewish living and learning with urban organic farming and direct social action in Berkeley, CA. The pilot season started June, 2011.

Urban Innovations

Solving hunger, apathy, food access and poverty through unconventional combinations

Adam Berman, Urban Adamah, Gary Oppenheimer,, Inc., Susan Silverman, Rabbi David Wechsler-Azen, Fresh Producers

Food Justice, Food Systems & Policy

Michael Corbett, a green designer, once wrote "you know you're on the right track when your solution to one problem accidentally solves several others." These innovators have launched outstanding projects that do just this, including: how to get more fresh food into soup kitchens; addressing food deserts and youth empowerment; and connecting Jewish traditions of service with environmental consciousness and tikkun olam.